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Options to join

Options to join


Please fill out our online form and complete the payment (PayPal)



If you wish to pay in cash/check you can do it in person at any of our meetings. 

Benefits of Joining SFAND

Benefits of Joining SFAND



  • Networking opportunities to meet and greet other nutrition professionals in the community.


  • 15 complementary CPEUs with your 2020-2021 SFAND Membership*

  • Complimentary admission to workshops.


  • Discounted or free admission to SFAND events.


  • Access to the member directory.


  • Access to the SFAND Newsletters.

  • Access to current job postings in the SoFlo area.

  • Access to South Florida Preceptor Database. 

  • A chance to be featured on our social media! 


  • Stay in the loop with selected news and updates from the Florida Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (FAND) and the FAND Annual Symposium.


*Only those members who sign up before or at the first meeting of the SFAND year will be eligible to receive up to 15 CPEUs. Those who sign up after the first SFAND meeting will only be elegible for the remaining CPEUs.

*SFAND Membership is valid for one SFAND calendar year (June 1 - May 31) and must be renewed every year.

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